For to work effectively, we must collect some of your data. The bulk of it is collected during the registration process and from you using the app.
The information we collect:
· data about your time spent on the app,
· interactions with different prompts in the platform,
· any bugs or crashes that you might experience,
· your most used features in our app,
· your devices hardware and software number.
· date and time of your call
· the contents of your call are also collected for quality assurance purposes, but they are anonymized and cannot be traced back to a specific account (except if illegal activity has been by either side)
· the information you provide to us directly when signing up

The collected data will only be used for the purposes listed below:
· communication
· contacting you about updates, potential threats to your account or other purposes, all related to
· to reach out to you if we have reason to believe you might be in danger
· usability of services
· to create an account connected with you
· to provide you technical support and manage the account
· for monetary purposes
· Improvement of the app
· measure the usage of different features and help improve them
Privacy policy
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